The question of integrity was front-and-center during 2016 in the area of science and technology.

The number of experts, journalists and citizens concerned about “junk science” is growing. The most divisive issue has been the integrity of digital systems as economic and political warfare have moved to the digital platform.

This, of course, raises a question. If there is so much pressure to move to digital currencies, digital payments and the Internet of Things (IOT), how will these changes succeed if:

  • Digital systems have insufficient integrity?
  • Fraud and lawlessness are prevalent?
  • Reliable enforcement is absent?

Part of the productivity backlash in the 2016 elections represented a growing concern that new technology was not contributing to growth in human productivity. Rather, it has served the interests of centralized control and “surveillance capitalism.”

I. Cybersecurity

A. Ain’t No Such Thing – Zero Integrity Systems


C. Quantum Computing:

D. Digital WW III

II. Health Freedom

A. Vaccines

B. EMF Radiation

III. Making Robots Human; Making Humans Robotic

IV. Environmental Stress

V. CERN & Particle Accelerators

VI. Space: Here We Go!

VIII. The Future of Energy

A. Nuclear Fusion & Breakthrough Energy

B. Renewables Growth

C. Coal – What’s Next in US, India and China?