The precious metals market had the highest roller coaster of all during 2017. Gold and silver rose spectacularly in the first half of the year, with mining stock prices rising 100-150% at their peak. Given the long consolidation in precious metals since the fall of 2011, it seemed like the long-term bull market in gold and silver was reasserting. However, prices turned, with gold and silver giving up significant gains by year-end and mining stocks giving up approximately 50% but still putting in a spectacular performance for 2016. Looking forward, the question for precious metals investors is whether or not rising interest rates and a strong dollar will continue to dampen gold and silver prices in 2017.

Oil also had a wild ride with the OIL ETF trading down 25% and up 10% during a volatile year, with prices ending almost flat.

OIL (Crude Oil)

RSX (Russia), OIL (Crude Oil)

GLD (Gold), SLV (Silver)

GDX, GDXJ (Mining, Junior Mining)

CRB (Commodities Index)

Baltic Dry Index